Connect with Colleen
I create my hand built clay animals, people and other clay pieces as a
way of providing momentary diversions from the rigors and stressors in
people’s lives. My hope is that while looking at my sculptures, people
experience a respite and an opportunity to do an attitude adjustment,
find some humor and peace, accompanied by a gentle reminder that
despite everything, “Relax-All is Well”.
“Wee Little House”
“Beebee Javelina”
“Oinking at the Moon”
“Come a Little Closer”
“Lady Grey”
Please "click" each piece
to view all angles.
"Philippe Frog"
“Grinning Pig”
“Zen Tangled Tapir”
“You talking to me Buster ?”
“Little Phil”
Old Spunky
“Very Little Phil”
"Sam Toucan-Bird Detective"