If I had to describe the start of my life before working with Colleen,
I would say I was backed into a wall built with rough, gray rocks,
just beginning to realize  how dangerously close to being crushed
by an untenable situation I was. At that time, working with Colleen
was about her asking good questions and challenging me to
acknowledge the reality of  what was going on, while insisting that
I had it in me to make the needed changes, for the better. These days,
I find myself at levels of clarity, calmness and capacity to manifest
my contributions in the world that some part of me used to think
“had to be” possible somehow. Now these ways of relating to life just are
–present, thankfully.
~ Sabine Amend, Executive Director Kultur-und-Management

Individual Attorneys
Colleen practiced law in Colorado for 12 years and understands the tremendous highs and
lows of a legal career. She knows how to help you or your firm be more successful, and
productive while adding balance and satisfaction to your careers and personal lives.

"My work with Colleen is powerful. It has transformed my life...I cannot thank her enough!"
                                   ~ T. R., Boulder

Law Firms
Partnerships are best served by a combination of workshops and individual coaching. The first
step is a personal session with the lead partners followed by a discovery session with all
partners. We will then provide a plan of services designed specifically for your firm that include:

• Leadership Training
• Career Satisfaction
• Staff Satisfaction
• Team Building
• Marketing
• Communication

Co-Active coaching is the most effective way to develop your law practice,
advance your legal career and balance your professional and personal life.
Coaching from an experienced lawyer and Professional Certified Coach is the most powerful
coaching you can receive.
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